Full Moon Sacred Circle Sound Healing with Jean Gutierrez
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Monthly Schedule

Full Moon Sacred Circle Sound Healing with Jean Gutierrez
Wednesday, April 24, 2024, 06:00pm - 07:00pm
Ticket: $55
This experience begins with a guided meditation and sound healing session, followed by a burn ceremony where you write, share (if you choose to) and purge past karma and limiting beliefs. This ritual will pave the way for setting new intentions and creating more of what you desire in your life. Oracle cards will be drawn to guide and assist.
Come and meet your higher self.
Jean Gutierrez 

Jean specializes in soul purpose, grief and mindset. Her spiritual journey began with deep loss and grief after losing her parents and husband. Through her grief and healing process, she had a spiritual awakening which led her to sound healing. Sound healing helped to bring up and release emotions of grief and loss that were stored in her body. Jean's mission now is to share the restorative and amazing gift of sound healing.

A Sound Bath is exactly what it sounds like, being bathed in healing frequencies. During a Sound Bath, the brainwave state is altered from a normal waking state (beta) to a relaxed state (alpha), a dream-like state (theta), and even a restorative state (delta). Vibrational sound resonance penetrates the body at a cellular level removing any stagnant energy held in the body resulting in feelings of deep relaxation and renewal. 

Jean is a Certified Sound Healer using crystal sound bowls, gongs, chimes and tuning forks to help Sound Bath clients to elevate energetic frequencies and balance chakras. She is also Reiki II and an EFT Practitioner.