Red Light Therapy
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    Red Light Therapy

Just like water, sleep and nutrients from food, your body requires healthy light to remain vital. Red Light Therapy infuses your cells with restorative light to counteract daily over-exposure of blue light from electronic screens, microwaves and overhead lighting. Blue light disrupts circadian rhythms and sleep, which can lead to anxiety, depression and poor overall health. On a cellular level, Red Light Therapy seeks to stimulate collagen and the mitochondria, or power generators, of your cells to repair and renew skin and muscle tissue. It has been described as a youth serum for your skin and body.

Hush's full-body therapeutic equipment delivers concentrated wavelengths of healing red light to the cells that power the body, seeking to optimize cellular function and circulation to continuously provide nutrients to your skin and body. This treatment can relieve inflammation, muscle and joint pain, improve skin health, sleep and mental acuity. Additional benefits include ridding the body of toxins and improving natural inflammatory processes. Red Light Sessions smooth and rejuvenate skin, stimulate hair growth, reinvigorate the body and support feelings of relaxation and overall wellness. 

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Session Time:
20 minutes

Single Session:

Suggested Use:
3-5 times per week