Crystal Chakra Bed
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    Crystal Chakra Bed

Crystals have physical properties that amplify and transform energy. Hush’s Crystal Chakra Bed contains seven highly polished quartz crystals cut to a specific frequency to align with the seven chakras, the spiritual and physical energy centers in the body. Colored lights match the vibrational frequency of each chakra and beam through the crystals into the corresponding chakra. These crystal light beams cleanse each chakra, bringing all chakras into alignment. This process brings balance to all aspects of self, including mental, emotional and physical.

The Crystal Chakra Bed is a potent energy healing device that helps to bring harmony to mind, body and soul. If, for example, your heart chakra is blocked from grief and heartache, it will revitalize energy there. If your sacral chakra is overstimulated causing digestive issues and stress, it will instill calmness there. It helps clients to feel energetically balanced -- not wired and not tired, just right.

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Session Time:
20 minutes

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Suggested Use:
1-2 times per week