Astrology Readings
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    Astrology Readings

Session Time:
75 minutes

First Consultation:

Additional Consultations:

Astrology is an ancient practice and a modern resource to help manifest goals, desires, visions and dreams and live a fulfilling life. Private readings review your personal astrology in your natal chart and how to sync with the planetary energies happening right now. Whether pursuing a new or renewed relationship, career, business or home, navigating a crisis or challenge, or just being curious about the energies and opportunities coming up, astrology shows pathways forward. To book your Astrology Reading, please call (203) 914-2011 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Reading Types:

General Astrology Reading

This reading includes a natal chart interpretation and review of upcoming planetary transits for three to six months ahead. Themes explored include ideal partnerships and career, luck and opportunity, restrictions and lessons, purpose, destiny and karma.

Relationship Synastry Reading

This reading includes a review of relationship compatibility for romantic or business partners, family members and friends. This consultation reveals how individuals interact with one another, positive and negative dynamics and guidance and cosmic cues on how to navigate them.